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Draw the figure of microscope and specify the parts with their functions(into notebook) 05.01.2014 Cihan Özkan

Page 32 (into notebook) 13.01.2014 Cihan Özkan

Page 40(into notebook) 21.01.2014 Cihan Özkan

page 46 (into notebook) 31.01.2014 Cihan Özkan

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Page 44-45 (into notebook)28.01.2014 Cihan Özkan


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For 9 A -Print the worksheet given below and do it for next hour 03.02.2014 Cihan Özkan

Endocrine System

For 9 B-Print the worksheet given below and do it for next hour 03.02.2014 Cihan Özkan

Nervous System

Sense Organs

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HW-1-2  HW-1-2  T.Ozokutan

HW-3    HW-3 Deadline: Wednesday 20.09.2017  T.Ozokutan

HW-4    HW-4 Deadline: Monday 25. 09. 2017  T.Ozokutan

HW-5    HW-5 Deadline: Monday 02.10.2017 T.Ozokutan

HW-6   HW-6 Deadline: Monday 09.10.2017 T.Ozokutan

HW-7    HW-7 Deadline: Wednesday 11.10.2017 T.Ozokutan

WORKSHEET 11 GRADES: 1. zoology 11Tth

HW-8   HW-8 Deadline: Monday 20.11.2017 T.Ozokutan

HW-9    HW-9 Deadline: Friday 15.12.2017 T.Ozokutan

HW-10  HW-10 Deadline: Tuesday 26.12.2017 T.Ozokutan


HW-1   HW-1 Deadline: Tuesday 30.01.2018 T.Ozokutan

11th grade-circulatory-respiratory 11 grades woksheet

Botany 11th-grade 4th quarter      -11 Grades Worksheet May 29, 2018

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HW-1: (Workbook 1-2) Deadline: 02.10.2017 Monday T.Ozokutan



HW-2: (Workbook 3-4-5) Deadline: 09.10.2017 Monday T.Ozokutan




WORKSHEET 12 GRADES: 12th grade 1st worksheet

WORKSHEET 12 GRADES: 12th grade 2nd worksheet

WORKSHEET 12 GRADE-ECOLOGY Last Exam 12 ler worksheet 2018   (May 6, 2018)